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Pricing & Payment

Choose Payment method:  

he-ya.com accept the following payments: 

(1)  Paypal

(2) Bank Information (Personal Account; only for USD & RMB)
Beneficiary A/C :  621226 40000 2648 0422
Beneficiary Bank/Branch: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen Branch
Beneficiary's Name:  DONG YUE WU
Add:  North Block Financial Centre Shennan Road East Shenzhen city

Please Note: 
A:  When sending the money, please tell your bank that you pay for ALL THE CHARGERS OF FOREIGN BANKS. If you don't do this, sometimes the money will be sent througn a corresponding bank(not directly to our account) and these corresponding bank will charge the fees from the sent amount.  Then we will not receive full amount. hope you understand. 
B: As soon as you send the money, please remember to send us your reference number or bank receipt. Then our financial manager will know who the money is from. 
C: We have to receive full amount in order to send your order.  please remember to check more with your bank about extra international money transfer charges.  
D: Bank transfer normally takes about two working days to arrive at our account. 

(3) Western Union Information
Beneficiary First name:  YUEWU    
Beneficiary Last name: DONG
Country: China
City: Shenzhen
Postal code: 518000
Tel: 0086-1333 2917169

Please NOTES
If you pay by western union, please send the MTCN number(10 digits,  which is located on the receipt of the western union form). You can send to us by email or remark it with the order.
If you you pay by bank transfer or western union, we can offer 10% off discount of the total.  this is our promotional policy in a very short time. 


(4) Paypal 

Paypal offers a secure method to send money from your your credit card, bank account, or stored online credit, without telling online shops your credit card numbers.  www.he-ya.com will never ask you for your full credit card numbers or Paypal login details. Please do not give this information to anyone and do not click on links inside emails purporting to be from Paypal.
Paypal may charge you a fee for uploading money to their system or making payments. Please check on their information pages.

Please NOTES
ONLY VERIFIED PAYPAL MEMEBERS are allowed to pay for their orders via PayPal system. This is our obligatory requirement.
DON'T ATTEMPT to use another person's credit card or paypal account for paypal payment.

Your order will be processed on the same day upon successfuly payment confirmation
If you have questions about www.leading-role.com payment process, please contact our sales consultant for assistance.